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Why RI Web Design

RI Web Design is one of New England’s most sought-after and accomplished web design and development firms. We have a group of skilled professionals who are experts on what it takes to create sites that exceed your  expectations. 

We don’t just want a website to look good, we want it to be fast, attract attention and resonate with you and your customers.  

Our expertise allows us to create websites that are unique  and suit all your needs.

No matter how big or small your company is, RI Web Design is devoted to making sure your website looks great.   We know that your website is the first impression customers will have.  Therefore, it should strengthen your brand and create a positive and a lasting impression.  

Moreover, our solutions are affordable and give you a competitive edge.

designing your website

When designing your website, there are many things we have to do before we begin. First, we need to get to know your business and the services you provide.

This approach lets us build a website that best showcases everything you have to offer. Therefore, one of the first things we will do is arrange a face-to-face meeting where we can discuss who your target market is, as well as who your competitors may be. This meeting will also allow us to understand what kinds of imagery and symbols may be best suited for your industry. Our goal is to use this information to then focus on what aspects of a website will help impact your target market and bring in new business. Once we better understand your industry, we can start working on a design that will make an impact on potential customers and draw people in.

Once we have an understanding of industry requirements, we will get a better understanding of individual goals, as well. By talking initially about a solution that will meet everyone’s needs, we will save time later in the process because we will not need to retrofit new aspects in. Therefore, we will make sure to document all requirements before we start the coding and designing process. We want to ensure mutual understanding of all the services we will provide. We aim for an efficient approach to web development that allows all parties to understand all objectives so we minimize significant changes later on.

Finally, we will work hard to create your business’s website to your standards quickly and within the set budget. As long as you make your expectations clear to us early on, we will work hard to make sure your website is completed as quickly and efficiently as needed

Responsive Website Design

You need a website that will work across every device, from tablets and smartphones to laptops and desktops. Using a responsive website design will allow your website to work on many different platforms, providing potential customers with a user experience that will urge them to utilize your services. You don’t want to have customers excessively zooming, panning, and frustrated that your website is hard to use.

While creating a responsive website used to mean creating multiple websites to suit each type of device, that is no longer a necessary. A responsive web design approach allows developers to create websites that fit all devices without duplicating content.

Accessibility Website Design

As the internet grows, so does the number of people using it. This means that people of all walks of life are wanting to use online services. So, we feel that, when possible, it is crucial that companies work to make their website available and easy to use to people with disabilities. All people should have proper access to the internet. Whether someone has a visual or auditory disability or a cognitive one, they should still have the same access to the growing resources on the worldwide web. Accessibility web design is a proper business practice that will allow your business to spread to many different customers, increasing business overall.

Web Design Accessibility

Industry Standards & Accessibility Testing

W3C standards are the internet’s guidelines for a better future. They lay out what should be done to make the internet available to as many people as possible, so the web can reach its full potential. For more information about how they work with companies to ensure accessibility, visit https://w3.org.

We work with strategic partners whose expertise is in accessible website design. They implement accessibility testing that requires expertise and specialized technology. Because we would like the time to focus on other aspects of your site design that will exceed your expectations, we work with experts who are more suited to carry out accessibility testing and certification for your website.

At RIWEB, we understand that accessibility is not always the affordable option, especially for small businesses. However, if your business aims to serve a wide variety of people and you have the financial means to do so, accessibility web design is a way to boost business and become a major player in your field, since many businesses do not yet have accessible sites. If you would like to look more into how we approach accessible web design, please look into the Wed Content Accessibility Guidelines from W3C.

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