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James Kennedy - President RI Web Design
James Kennedy - RI SEO Guru

RI SEO Experience

One of our competitive advantages is our experience in both Local and Organic SEO. 

James Kennedy, our RI SEO Guru, has been providing SEO consulting services for 20 years. His experience goes back to when organic SEO was all about keyword frequency and link popularity. Well, those days are over, and today it is mostly about publishing quality content and building a customer-focused website.

RI Web Design SEO customers include both Fortune 500 companies, Marketing Agencies, and Small Local businesses. Companies come to us for advice on how to generate high page rank for their website. Whether they are looking to rank for local searches or a broad term in global markets, we have the tools and expertise to help.

Our Approach to SEO focuses almost entirely on Google.  Google is the industry leader in the search industry, and its guidelines and standards matter most. According to Netmarketshare.com, Google dominates the industry with 75.74% of all search traffic on desktops and laptops. For mobile search, it is even higher with 93.14% search traffic. Although one should not ignore Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu and the rest of the search engines, they seem to respond well to SEO targeted at Google.

Artificial Intelligence and voice search make SEO less backdoor wizardry and more a matter of following industry standards and creating excellent content. Our designers and consultants follow Google closely, including statements and announcements made. We continue to look for trends and tips for improving our approach and improving the rank of our clients.

RI SEO Trends, Tips, and Tricks

f you are interested in SEO and SEM, you may want to follow our SEO blog. The RI Web Design website has thousands of tips and strategies on search engine optimization, both local and organic, as well as social media marketing. As a result, you can count on us to have the answers you seek as you navigate the changes and trends of SEO and search engine marketing. Below are some sample articles for your consideration:
Google My Business Mistakes

4 Big Google My Business Mistakes You Could Be Making and How to Fix Them

Google My Business is one of the best tools for local SEO at this point, but it will only serve your business well if you are correcting your mistakes and optimizing your profile as efficiently as possible. All of the mistakes we mention here are simple to fix and will help your company’s profile rank higher, and your company perform better online.

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