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One way to get people involved with your company is to make your site interactive. You want to encourage potential customers to utilize your services or products. Animation will give your web site a kick, a boost, to send it off in directions it missed out on before. Our designers can help turn your site into a destination of choice. Not only do we have the skills to create new animation, but we also excel in creating SEO-friendly animation. This means your site and all its content can be indexed and rank highly on Google and other search engines. Therefore, you should hire a top-of-the-line web design firm, such as RI Web Design, to help you create an interactive user interface that will increase your overall business.

In our early days, we used Adobe Flash as our animation system, as we worked with Sesame Street and Disney studios. Today, we use a different interface, Adobe Animate, to make sure your website is interactive and appealing to the eye. We are also skilled at using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS programming, as well.

Today, RI Web Design has the skills to create high-quality apps, games, and websites that will excite potential customers. We have the graphic designers and animators who can do it all so that you see the results you’d like. Whether you are looking to add some movement to your site or develop a new game, you can rely on us to create an outstanding result that works across multiple types of devices, from mobile to desktop.

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